Gillian Brockett

I see my yoga practice as an everyday reminder of the way I should live my life: being mindful and creating beauty in every moment. I learned in the early days of my yoga practice that I am more accessible and likely to be supportive to others if I live my life without judging and correcting others’ life choices. Modo Yoga is a place where I feel this attitude can flourish and deepen because of the combination of physical and mental practice. Through teaching, I am able to create a safe place in and out of the practice room for people to become aware of new ideas or flesh out existing ones. I love how students challenge my ideas, and I can challenge theirs, and it is all made possible through the language and practice of yoga.

As the mother of two young children, I know all too well the importance of patience and the joy of watching someone’s world expand before their eyes! I love sharing the experience of yoga with students, and introducing beginners to a path that will change their lives in myriad ways. The practice room is also an amazing space for sharing ideas on how to improve life off the mat. I’m passionate about environmental issues and am always looking for ways to incorporate themes of sustainability and simplicity into my teaching.