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Hot Yoga in Austin Summer

For the tenth day in a row, it’s already 90 degrees by the time you and your dog take your 7am walk. Your car could pass as a mobile Home Slice trailer. All the air conditioning in the world can’t tempt you to blow-dry your hair, and you’re wondering if the cops would frown on you permanently occupying Barton Springs. It’s summer, it’s Texas, and the two combined make a special beast only truly understood by people who live at our latitude or lower. It’s SO damn hot.

So where does that leave your hot yoga practice? During the winter, when we’re all battling whatever bizarre ice storms or endless freezing rain the weather throws at us seemingly at random, hot yoga in austin booms. Everyone flocks to the heat, counting down the days until summer finally, FINALLY graces us with its warmth and sunshine again. In the summer, though, dragging yourself through 100-degree, humid air into a room that’s also 100 degrees and humid seems a bit redundant. But you spent the whole fall, winter, and spring building up such a great practice, and your body feels stiff; you really want a great, sweaty, stretchy yoga sesh to get back to feeling yourself. What should you listen to: your body, which is begging for its beloved hot Modo; or your mind, which is focused on the ice-cold bottle of Rose in your fridge and the last few episodes of OITNB you plan on finishing, sprawled on your couch, in your underwear, directly beneath the AC vent?

Well, here’s the thing: your body is smarter than you are! During the summer is when it’s MOST important to keep up your hot yoga practice. Here are three reasons why:

1. Everything’s different, and your body is more stressed.
From beach vacations to patio Sundays, everything’s a little more relaxed in summer. This is a good thing–except maybe for the sudden 150% increase in margarita consumption, and/or the concurrent 150% decrease in sleep. Falling out of its comfortable food/sleep/workout/travel routine is a pretty big source of stress to your body, even if you’re feeling like it’s fun, fun, fun all the time. One way to keep the fun going without burning yourself out is to keep up your yoga practice. Yoga helps keep your hormones balanced, your metabolism chugging, your sleep steady, and your body fit and healthy so it can take what you throw at it. Which, let’s be real, is a whole lot of midnight tacos trashy-style and jumping around at music fests. Stick with your yoga to keep the party running smoothly.

2. It reminds you about that delicious, oft-forgotten “water” stuff.
Sweating out your bodyweight just by existing is the Texas way of life in the summer. Trouble is, we don’t always remember to increase our H2O intake. Hot yoga is the perfect reminder to replace your sweat with lots and lots of water, all day, on and off the mat.

3. What better way to teach your body not to overheat?
One of the big benefits of hot yoga year-round is the great temperature control it gives your body. Moving and breathing through the postures in a heated room, while remaining calm and peaceful, is like a physical memo to your body that being hot and sweaty is totally fine, you can handle it, no problem! Just watch the difference between you and your non-yogi friends next time you’re all in line somewhere in the beating heat. They’re melting into a puddle, and you’re cool as a cucumber because your body is acclimatized and happy.

Lean into the heat! We’re Texans. We can handle it.

Do you Modo? Your first month at Modo Yoga Austin is $40 and always will be. Get started by clicking here. See you soon in the sweaty room!

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