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Hot Yoga in Austin Summer

For the tenth day in a row, it’s already 90 degrees by the time you and your dog take your 7am walk. Your car could pass as a mobile Home Slice trailer. All the air conditioning in the world can’t tempt you to blow-dry your hair, and you’re wondering if the cops would frown on… More details

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Yoga for Athletes

The best athletes know that mobility is a crucial component of the performance recipe, along with sleep, nutrition, and recovery. Yet the “how” is often a mystery–mobility means stretching, right? And foam rolling? And like, that lacrosse ball I’m supposed to lay on… oh, wait, my workout’s starting, gotta go… I got a few toe… More details


Moksha Yoga co-founder Jess Robertson talks with

If your favorite Bikram yoga class isn’t meeting your mind-body needs, head over to a Moksha yoga studio. We talked with Moksha Yoga co-founder Jessica Robertson to learn more about this form of cardiovascular hot yoga practice.

Jessica Robertson is the co-founder of Moksha Yoga, New Leaf Yoga Foundation…