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Speak Your Peace: the Global Campaign

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by Andrea Palframan Pull Together Here’s a Q&A with Moksha Yoga about their upcoming Speak Your Peace event on September 21st. The proceeds from candlelit classes all over North America will go to Pull Together, along with funds raised at Karma Yoga classes at participating studios. The goal? To raise $65000 for Pull Together! Go… More details

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Hot Yoga in Austin Summer

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For the tenth day in a row, it’s already 90 degrees by the time you and your dog take your 7am walk. Your car could pass as a mobile Home Slice trailer. All the air conditioning in the world can’t tempt you to blow-dry your hair, and you’re wondering if the cops would frown on… More details

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Yoga for Athletes

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The best athletes know that mobility is a crucial component of the performance recipe, along with sleep, nutrition, and recovery. Yet the “how” is often a mystery–mobility means stretching, right? And foam rolling? And like, that lacrosse ball I’m supposed to lay on… oh, wait, my workout’s starting, gotta go… I got a few toe… More details

Posture Tips

We have 12 posture tips, one for each month of the year. Stay tuned for another 12 tips for your practice starting in the fall.