Derek Sing

I was first introduced to Modo yoga as a student in Montreal. My initial response was skepticism, thinking it a trick of the heat (stepping in from -4° to 100°) that I felt so good afterward.

But I kept coming back. Soon after I was practicing regularly; connecting with an incredible community and beginning to understand how much this practice could offer me. The physical benefits have been nothing short of miraculous. As a former athlete with low back pain, my study and practice of yoga has allowed me to return to my sport pain-free. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga has given me so much more: a vehicle for self-exploration, a means of grounding myself, of connecting more fully to my life as it happens.

Ultimately this is why I teach Modo: to share something I’ve found valuable with others.

I attended the Modo Teacher Training in Nicaragua in January 2015, and in May 2015 studied Yin with Bernie Clark in Vancouver. I’m so grateful to all teachers I’ve had, for all the wisdom shared with me over the course of my yoga journey, and am really excited to share what I’ve learned here with this growing community in Austin.